Sweet Dandy

Branding • Packaging
In today’s overly-caffeinated world, Sweet Dandy is the ultimate alternative to complement (or help break) our addiction without the acidity or jitteriness. Made by organic Dandelion.

Client: Sweet Dandy
Art Direction & Design: Johanna Granlund


The coffee culture is big — and it feels like it's not getting anywhere. But as a consequence of climate change, the prices of this delicate drink that we have deared and honored for centuries will most likely not be as affordable to the everyday consumer. We might as well start treating our caffeine addiction now, but how do we replace something that taste so good in the morning, when tea just can't cut it?

Enter Sweet Dandy, the premium dandelion blend that taste just as good as your craft pour-over or espresso kick that you paid way to much money for, giving you the same energy without the acidity or jitterness as from the real thing. Flavor is Sweet Dandy's special spot; with basic flavors like Dark, Medium, or Light blend, or if you're feeling extra Vanilla, Coconut or Mocha might just hit the spot. There's a Sweet Dandy blend for everyone and you can replace it with any coffee drink; brew or the espresso way.

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