Advertising • Art Direction
There isn’t really any information about what’s in the beverages that you drink. Adnams is a leading brand within sustainability, are changing this by bringing tools to their consumer so that they know what’s in their products.

Client: Adnams
AD & Designer: Johanna Granlund
Copywriter: Amanda Wennberg
Awards: D&AD Gold Pencil


Adnams has a deep heritage and ongoing commitment to sustainability. It constantly innovates to create products that give back to the earth it borrows from. However ‘sustainability’ can be an ugly, overused word. It can mean greenwashing for the sake of it and compromising on taste. Which Adnams doesn’t. With that, alcohol is an industry that is not transparent with how exactly it's made and what's in it—or what was used in the process. Adnams wanted to start a conversation about the transparency of alcohol and its impact on the environment.


We know a lot about the food that we eat, but not as much as the beverages that we drink. That's because alcohol brands don't have the same restrictions what they have to list on the labels. Adnams, a leader within sustainability, is now setting a good example in the industry by providing information that the consumers want and need.

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