Westworld is a fully-immersive experience for people who wants to take a break from the real world and go back to the old western. But it’s facing a problem – to get the customers to explore the park more than once. The target audience is highly active on social media, so how can we use this insight to make them come back to Westworld?


Westworld is an fully-immersive experience for people who wants to escape to the old western.

A visit can cost up to $40,000, and the park has around 60 guests per day, and 25 of them are repeated customers.

Guests can choose to stay in one place and observe what’s going on around them.

Guests can also participate in one of the many scripted storylines.


Westworld is threatened by the dangerous villain, Z. Walden, and the guests need to stop him before it’s too late.

Revealed clues for grand price

Walden is hiding somewhere in the park. On social media, clues, where he is, will be revealed and together with the other guests, people will find him by connecting the clues. The 10 first people who find him will win season tickets.

New clues every week

Every week, a new clue is given out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The clues will be easier to figure out for the guests who’ve already explored the park, however, people can share Westworld's clues to make it easier for themselves. When the clue has been shared enough times, a new one will be given out by Westworld. Exclusive clues can also be found in the Facebook Live Stream, on Snapchat- and Instagram stories.

Campaign discount codes

#Findthevillain is a hashtag that people can use when uploading photos from in Westworld on social media. It’s also a campaign code that gives people 10% off when purchasing tickets to the park online.