• Kia Stinger
  • Adage
Awards & Mentions
  • Creativity International Awards 2019
  • ADDY’s Silver 2019
  • Adage Driving Creativity Finalist 2018
  • Art Direction
  • Video Editing

The Car of Your Childhood Dreams

Every year automobile companies are coming out with new, shiny cars. The year 2018, it was KIA’s turn to do something that was going away from their previous models. A Sedan built neither for the slow, peaceful spirit nor for the faint-hearted.

Change People’s Perception

The challenge is that people have a certain perception of KIA. People believe they just make A-B cars — no emotion attached. But with the KIA Stinger, we’re comparing us to the more luxurious models.

So who are we talking to? With the KIA Stinger, we are talking to people who are looking for a car that will make them feel youthful, but want to move away from the status quo.

Final Print

We kept coming back to the toy car. What if we could tell story, with one single image. Our deliverable, a print ad, is merging these two together — an adult sports car in a toy car size. The car of your childhood dreams.


Presenting the Kia Youth concept on various platforms

YouTube Pre-Roll

Advertising spots in video format

Fueled by Youth

TV Commercial


The Creative Process

Our first idea was to tell a story with cars, how every kind of car represents different stages in life. From the toy car you have as a child, to a rusty teenage car, and later a not-so-sporty family van, longing for that sports car you had as a child.

Creative Process Video