Faction Brewery


  • Art direction
  • Packaging design
  • Brand design

Faction Brewery – The Heart of Alameda

is a family and dog-friendly brewery located on an old military base with a gorgeous view over San Francisco. Faction Brewing wants to expand to new locations over California, but needed a complete makeover to align with their new values and not be mistaken as “just another brewery”.

Identifying existing brand

Faction Brewery is a craft brewing company in a warehouse on an old naval base in Alameda. They’ve been around since 2013 and their Alameda location with a beautiful patio with views of San Francisco is their only one so far. The brewery started by the couple Rodger Davis and Claudia Pamparana who fell for each other because of their shared passion for craft beer. They offer a wide variety of pales, IPA’s, Belgians, porters and stouts- and barrel-aged beers. The locals especially love the A-Town Pale, only available in Alameda.

What is the state of the current brand?

Silly, Illustrative, Skater Vibe, Young spirit, Hip/Cool

What works and what doesn’t?

Their youthful style makes them stand out as their competitors are aimed towards a slightly older audience, but the style isn’t consistent throughout the brand and I think their design needs to tighten up a little in order to have a more memorable and iconic brand image.

Logo explorations

I wanted to wave in a military style in their brand, as the most memorable feature of Faction Brewing is the military base. As inspiration, I looked at military patches and other marks with eagles.

I decided on using yellow as the main color because of it symbolizes of optimism and fun (+ the color reminds you of beer).

Color & material





The final logomark is a geometric eagle that expresses the military aspect of Faction Brewery, but also freedom and power (like the feeling you get after going home on a Friday). black and yellow are paired together for optimal contrast.

Served from the brand

Faction Brewing has 7 types of beer and over 20 kinds, so the major challenge was to help the visitor to easily navigate through all their beverages. I explored different colors like green, purple, and coral to help distinguish the IPA’s from the stouts and lagers. Each type of beer also has their own eagle on the bottleneck.

A coaster with character

A beverage is not only about its content, but also on what it will rest upon.