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There’s a widespread perception that the quality of books has decreased and that we don’t really read anymore. When in fact we now read more than ever, with an increase of 47% from 1950 to 2005. What is true, however, is that people have a hard time finding books that feels relevant to themselves, while trying to sort through the endless streams of information that we’re exposed to everyday.

Art Director: Johanna Granlund
Copywriter: Amanda Wennberg

About the App

“My Read” is an app created by Amazon to help people find books tailored to their interest. Lowering the threshold to reading, finding quality reads for every individual, even if you’re a hopeless romantic or a science nerd. Challenge: People have the perception that the quality of books have decreased. Insight: The quality of books in general haven’t decreased, but the amounts of reads have increased. Solution: Provide them with books that are relevant to them.


A page-turner for you, might be a bore for someone else. Pick your interest to find a good fit for you.


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