Johanna Granlund

Advertising Student From Sweden – Looking For An Internship

I’m an art director, a designer, and a go-getter. I help with concepts and visuals for marketing and advertising. Don’t let my young age fool you: prior to my senior year of my Bachelor degree in Advertising, I’ve been a visual designer and a Social Media strategist, doubling two accounts’ Instagram followers. When I’m not at the university improving my skills, you can find me creating illustrations or do photography.

Do you want to know more how I got into art direction? Check out the longer version of my story in the tab above.

My dad introduced me to a camera when I was ten. Since that day, I knew that I wanted to work as a creative.

I started Media high school with the ambition to become a celebrity photographer, however, as soon as I walked in the Mac room, my career dream changed and my love for graphic design started. Meanwhile, I was working as a photographer and writer for the local newspaper SLA, won the best prize for my chronicle, and started my own company as a freelance photographer.

My design teacher, previous art director, encouraged me to apply for the awarded communication school Berghs. No words could explain my feelings when I received the call that I got in. It was the greatest start of my career as an Art Director.

I came to Berghs with the goal to become an Art Director in Sweden, but I was about to finish my Bachelor in San Francisco. I asked myself – how far can I go?

At Berghs, I studied Creative Strategy and learned the value of having a strong big idea before even try to visualize it. In school, we worked with integrated campaigns for Red Bull and a local theater, as well rebranding an experience gift company. I learned a lot, but I was hungry for more – and ready to try my luck in America.

In San Francisco, everything was different: school, life, culture, but I liked it. While I was taught how to work as a creative team in Sweden, Academy of Art University has taught me to develop my skills. I’m becoming better every day and I get the opportunity to learn things that I probably wouldn’t even dare to learn outside of school – like motion graphics, print, drawing, and video editing.

Last summer, I read a book about social media strategy out of pure curiosity. Two weeks later, I started working as a social media strategist at the biggest study help company in Sweden. I created a social media strategy plans for all of their channels, managed their Instagram account and created content for their Facebook group. Their followers on Instagram increased by 200% within a couple of months.

Outside of school, I want to learn more. I want to become a great art director, a creative who wins awards, but most importantly, do work that makes a difference. I can visualize how I want to solve a problem, I can think strategically, I can put myself in other’s shoes, and I like to study other’s work to become better. Daily, I watch tutorials, read the news, and surround myself with art to be educated and maintain my creativity. I’m an ambitious, artsy girl with an understanding of people and how to communicate to them.

What I Do
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Illustration
  • Video Production